Program Outcome

The Science & Humanities department has an intake of 300 students in an academic year. Well-equipped labs and availability of trained manpower caters to all needs of the students.


Today’s global requirement places English Communication skills on the top, as a critical and crucial factor in making the students employable. William Shakespeare, the world famous poet and dramatist said, “Mend your speech lest it mar your fortune.”Communication is the one primary factor so crucial to be successful in any sphere of life.

The English Lab deals with cloze tests, Error Correction, Jumbled sentences, Reading Comprehension, all done online. The Career Lab focuses on the third year students, preparing them for Group Discussion, Oral Presentations, Resume writing and Mock Interviews. The lab is brought into use on a daily basis.


For life, now or in the future, one should meet and master formulas or methods for calculating areas, perimeters and volumes, and understand formulas or computation methods needed for loans, pensions and investments, for shop keeping or buying and selling with mark-ups or markdowns. This understanding should go beyond using the formulas. Most people learn mathematics until circumstances force them to stop, or until the subject becomes too hard or they lose interest.


Making every student significantly “smarter” – which means having a more accurate understanding of nature or of anything in it – this is the one aim to teaching and learning Physics.

The Department has a well equipped laboratory to help the students in enabling them to share their skills and experience of making experiments work in the classroom.


Chemistry is present everywhere in our daily life. But most of us do not recognize the real involvement of Chemistry in our lives.
The faculty of Chemistry also handle Environmental Science that teaches today’s generation the need to understand and help our environment to keep us healthy and preserve our mother earth for future generations.
Laboratory work is an essential element in pupil learning which cannot be replaced by other approaches. The Department has a well equipped laboratory which provides a positive contribution to understanding Chemistry.

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