The Department of Civil Engineering focuses on two broad areas of instruction and research. The first, the classical field of civil engineering, deals with the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of structures and the infrastructure. These include buildings, foundations, bridges, transportation facilities, nuclear and conventional power plants, hydraulic structures, and other facilities essential to society.The degree programs offered through the department and leading research prepare students to have a well-designed and positive impact on the world around them.The department boasts a vibrant faculty that includes many Distinguished Faculty.Engineering is always ready to step into new territory and provide the knowledge and skills needed for innovation for generations to come.
Paul P Varghese


Excellence in Civil Engineering education, research and development through innovation and teamwork


KMP College of Engineering is committed to provide quality Education and Training in Engineering to prepare students for life and work. Equipping them to contribute to the technological,economic and social development of India. The College pursues excellence in providing training to develop a sense of professional responsibility, social and cultural awareness and set students on the path to leadership.