Mobile Squad

A Mobile squad has been formed in the college for curbing the use of mobile phones in the campus. It is with a purpose to stop the developing cyber crimes in our society. It is the obligation of our students to create awareness among people about cyber crimes and in the misuse of mobile phones.


Mobile Squad should make sure following activities should not take place in the college.

  • Use of mobile phones/i-pods is strictly prohibited in the college. A fine will be imposed on those who violate this rule.
  • Students should not use any phones with the facility to take photos in the campus. Such phones even if switched off will be confiscated and fined.

Mobile Squad Incharge

S.No. Name Department
1. Paulson Peter AP/ME

Department Coordinators

S.No. Name Department
1. Paul P. Varghese HOD/CE
2. Sanjith Unni AP/ME
3. Dany k Bose AP/ME
4. Harishankar G Nair AP/EEE
5. Libin paul AP/ECE