Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Workshop

  • Introduction to manufacturing processes and applications.
  • Familiarization of various tools, measuring devices, practices and machines used in various workshop sections

Fluid Mechanics lab

  • To provide exposure to the actual flow process and various instruments adopted for flow measurement.

Hydraulic Machines lab

  • To provide experience on various Hydraulic machineries
  • To acquaint the students with the measurement of various parameters


  • To train the students in solid modelling, surface modelling and drafting
  • To gain experience in assembly modelling, mechanism design and systems routing *To practise computer controlled manufacturing methods
  • To expose students to rapid prototyping

Heat Engines lab

  • To provide experience on testing of IC engines performance

Machine Tools Lab

  • To provide practical experience on the working of Lathe machines,grinders,drilling machines etc

Mechanical Measurements Lab

  • To provide an exposure to the fundamentals of metrology
  • To understand the need of precision measurement and measuring instruments

Advanced Machine Tools Lab

  • To understand the different process parameters involved in shaping, slotting, milling, grinding machines.
  • To analysis the causes for the variation on surface roughness obtainable in different machining process.

Mechanical Systems Lab

  • To understand the various mechanical systems like goverors, gyroscope, refrigeration & airconditioning equipments, hydrodynamc bearings etc.