Electronics & Communication Engineering

Analog Circuits Lab

Analog circuits are circuits dealing with signals free to vary from zero to full power supply voltage.This is an entry level laboratory, where students get opportunity to study device characteristics. This lab facilitates the study of characteristics of various semiconductor devices including diodes, MOSFETs BJTs etc. Major equipments in the lab includes analog and digital CROs, Function generator, Power supply,(fixed and variable) Breadboard, Multimeter,DC indicating meters (various ranges) etc. The experiment modules are designed to give students the opportunity to construct circuits and verify theoretical relationships involving diodes, bipolar transistors and amplifiers.

Analog Communication Lab

Analog Integrated Circuits (AIC) lab introduces the Operational Amplifier characteristics and applications to the students. They use to perform the measurements of various opamp parameters and applications of opamps such as amplifiers, oscillators, filters etc.Communication Laboratory consist of analog and digital communication experiments like modulators, demodulators, filters etc. They also design and implement various application circuits of ICs like NE555 timer, NE565 and CD4016 PLL.

Sections in communication Lab are analog communication, digital communication, microwave & optical communication and wireless & mobile communications. About fifty experiments on the basic and advanced communication engineering in analog, digital, microwave and optical communications are carried out for undergraduate students of the pre-final and final year batches.

Microprocessors and Simulation Lab

Microprocessor lab helps the students to enhance their knowledge on architecture, programming and interfacing of various processors and microcontrollers.In this lab the third year students perform their experiments on Microprocessors and Microcontrollers using assembly language and interface related experiments using Microprocessor Trainer kits, Micro Controller Trainer Kits, Various interfacing boards, Microcontroller development suite from Keil and Flash programmers.. Students from other branch of engineering and sciences also utilize this lab and develop their skills in the field of microprocessor and its applications

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Systems Laboratory of the department has the facility for doing experiments in VLSI, DSP , Microcontroller based system design and circuit Simulation using EDA Tools. The lab is equipped with the hardware and software :DSP Trainers, VLSI Trainers, FPGA boards, Flash programmers, MATLAB 7.1.0, Xilinx ISE Foundation Series, PK51 Development kit from Keil, EdvinXP from Visionics Inc and ModelSim from Model Technology Inc.

Digital Electronics Lab

The objective of this lab is to perform rigorous experiments to consolidate basic knowledge in digital electronics. Experiments include Design, construction, testing, and evaluation of digital systems. Implementation of combinational as well as sequential circuits are carried out in lab practice. Students get an opportunity to have hands on experience in learning logic circuits using digital ICs. The lab is equipped with Digital trainer kits, Logic probes, CROs and Power supplies.